Optimizing our Clients’ time by managing their many competing advisors and service providers.

As our senior-level responsibility demands a deeper level of understanding of what our clients are seeking to accomplish, it allows us to function on our client’s behalf as their proxy voice in directing their many managers and advisors. This approach ensures that every member of the team is working in the same direction and one that cannot be done by turning this critical function over to less senior people. Nor can it be done without having total objectivity.

  • Holistic and integrated wealth management
  • Goals-based investment and financial planning
  • Strategic and tactical asset management, including portfolio construction
  • Tax Aware and Impact Investing
  • Traditional and Alternative investment manager selection and due diligence
  • Executive Services (concentrated stock positions, deferred comp and options, etc.)
  • Private, direct deal sourcing and investment

A critical responsibility of our Senior Wealth Advisors to identify, locate, vet, and engage specialists across the country from our proprietary Network of Experts, on behalf of specific client requests and needs, understanding, and cultural fit.

  • Income/ estate tax and wealth transfer planning
  • Fiduciary/ trust services
  • Risk management (insurance and asset protection)
  • Credit and banking solutions
  • Family business consulting/sale
  • Family education and governance
  • Philanthropy
  • Family office services (including document/ expense management, and concierge services)